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Stone appears to me as the gateway to the imaginary world of the distant, telluric, subterranean or even spatial.

It holds within it the narrative, the memory of the earth and evokes the long time that is beyond us, whose lives are so ephemeral. For me, stone is a source of stimulation and the sublime, because it deals with the immensity of the landscape and the trace of time on it.


Stone is akin to wisdom, evoking patience and slowness. It's also an invitation to look at the beauty of ordinary things that we sometimes forget to stop and consider.


I use sandstone, a siliceous sedimentary rock resulting from the natural cementation of sand, in which quartz grains predominate.

It is left in its natural form once extracted from the rock face, and is used for its intrinsic aesthetic, sculptural and chromatic value.  Gold enhances its relief and gives it a new dimension.

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