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Reliefs refer to the experience of wide open spaces, deserts and plains where the horizon seems infinite. These great spaces where nothing can stop the mind, where the gaze embraces a globality it recognizes, these great spaces that reassure us, inviting us to melt into them and reminding us that everything is there and that we are part of it. 

Each Relief is composed of a layer of earth taken directly from the landscape and a layer of intense chromatic material more akin to paint. They reproduce an atmospheric world of colors, reliefs and textures in which we can project ourselves and dissolve.


The physical work evokes a dialogue between the body and the memory of an experience in the landscape, facing a montain or the immensity of the ocean. It celebrates the materiality of the work of art as an open door to an elsewhere of the order of sensation and a certain quest for freedom emancipated from the immediacy of life.

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