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In this series, I try to recompose several circles from pieces of material such as charcoal, shale or marble. The pieces are sorted and then arranged in a circular pattern, starting from the outside and working inwards. For me, it's a way of building something harmonious and united out of disparate elements, all different. It allows me to take a fresh look at an element - charcoal - that usually goes unseen. 

The slow, meticulous work echoes the gestures of artisanal practices, exalting the qualities of the mineral and the organic. They are raw, just assembled, yet their appearance is the result of a history to be considered over the long term. These sets are a world unto themselves. They are a pursuit of balance, a quest to capture the fleeting, suspended moment. Through this desire to "make" these "material" elements exist together, I address the notion of the transitory nature of all things.

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