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WOLFE STRACHE Forms and patterns in nature

Dernière mise à jour : 2 nov. 2020

" As we look at the plates in this book we soon make a curious discovery: Nature uses the same ideas in her forms and patterns in quite different places. Inexhaustible through nature is in designing shapes, she may use the same design in various ascpets - on a large scale and oon a small scale, in minerals and in plants, in animals and in the immense spaces of the earth and the sky. The aerial photograph of a river estuary resembles a plant with its stem, its leaves, and its flowers, and the forked lightning striking from the sky displays a similar branchinge pattern. It is one of the special pleasures of the naturalist and the photographer to discover these parallels in different realms of creation. ...."

© Wolf Strache, Forms and patterns in nature, London, Peter Owen edition, 1959.

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